So, you want an outdoor wedding. I suggest you have a tented one. Why? Because you can never really predict the weather a tented shelter is a great way to create an intimate setting.

When you search the web, you will find many companies that offer leje af festtelt meaning rental of a party tent and you can choose the kind of tent you like.

The experts at a rental tent company will be able to guide you better depending on the size of the venue, the number of guests you are expecting, and the ground where the tent is to be laid down. So, you can depend on such services for your tent needs and focus on aesthetics.

Acclaimed globally for their durability, functionality and overall individuality, tents offer a host of fun design options for any outdoor wedding venue.

Whether white, clean, or colorful, these flexible structures add an elegant touch to your cocktail hour, outdoor function, or alfresco reception.

When using a sailcloth tent, create heights with tablescape components. Sailcloth tents have beautiful high peaks that should not go unnoticed and you can use various levels of tall arrangements to ensure your design isn't flat.

Chelsea Morrison, the owner of Gather Together events, is in favor of a transparent top tent. There is no better way to feel connected to the landscape and also protect your guests from the elements when you have a beautiful setting.

With your surroundings proving to be a significant influence on your overall theme and design, why not incorporate elements of nature into your tent.

For a stylish and fun way to add sparkle to the tent, I recommend a variety of sparkly lights. Let your guests feel like they're dancing among the stars with twinkling lights. The additional feature will create romance and create a softer atmosphere.

For couples who want a bold style for their wedding, it is recommended that you rent a structure with an impressive presence.

It is just as important to pay attention to the outside as it is to the inside. Pay close attention to everything, so make sure the outside of your tent is just as breathable as the inside.

Add natural tones to your color palette that mimic your design setting. Wood details help outline the rustic design scheme of this airy tented reception.

While tables, dance floors, and a variety of decorative items will take up most of your tent space, it's important to leave room for items like your live band or other entertainment props.

With the intimate setting being a unique advantage of tented parties, sometimes leaving too little room for a large orchestra can result in cramped space and a limited dance floor. Talk to your planner or coordinator to make sure there is enough space for recreation to avoid unnecessary crowding.