If you've ever wondered, "What is a PowerPoint presentation?" you're in luck because this article will provide you with the definitive answer.

You'll learn all there is to know about PowerPoint – its history, how to create an excellent PowerPoint presentation, and some fantastic examples of PowerPoint presentations.

Have you ever been tasked with presenting a PowerPoint, a computer presentation, or a proposal?

If you have, chances are you utilized PowerPoint to deliver your presentation to your class, bosses, business partners, or even possible investors.

What Is PowerPoint Exactly?

Microsoft PowerPoint is the company's most extensively used presentation and slideshow software. Millions of individuals use this robust software to deliver presentations in a variety of settings, regardless of how large or small the venue.

Indeed, it is likely the first piece of presentation software that comes to mind when someone is required to present anything to their class or company meeting.

PowerPoint (abbreviated PPT) is a key component of the Microsoft Office software suite, which is included with Microsoft Word and Excel. PPT is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems, as well as any other computer operating system via the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365.

You may effortlessly convey your message and share your stories with your audience using PowerPoint. Rather than orally presenting your goods, you may just display it to others via an image.

A picture, as the adage goes, is worth a thousand words. Furthermore, PowerPoint enables you to transmit thousands of words with just a few slides in your slideshow!

PowerPoint is not just a strong presenting tool; it is also quite versatile. You may also use it to create a variety of other file kinds, including posters, infographics, movies, and PDFs.

Before we go through all the amazing features that Microsoft has included in PowerPoint, let's take a little look at its history to help you appreciate its magnificence!

PowerPoint's Brief History (And The Pre-PowerPoint Era)

I'm fairly certain I'm not mistaken when I say that many people believe Bill Gates invented PowerPoint. After all, he co-founded Microsoft, the world's largest software firm, and the software in its current form is called Microsoft PowerPoint. However, he did not.

Originally called 'Presenter,' PowerPoint was invented in 1987 by Forethought, Inc., a software startup business.

However, upon understanding its full potential, Microsoft acquired not only the rights to use PowerPoint but also Forethought. It was Microsoft's most expensive acquisition at the time.

And the cost? $14 million (about $30 million in today's currency). I'm sure if Forethought, Inc. had anticipated the extent to which PowerPoint would become popular, they would have demanded a significantly larger charge, perhaps in the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars!

Prior to the advent of PowerPoint, presentations were made entirely by hand. This required spending not just hours, but days creating the presentation design, meticulously working on it, and ensuring the final product looked fantastic.

Individuals were required to meticulously plan every part of their presentation. Errors can be extremely costly in terms of both time and money. Want to know how you can avoid them, visit the site.