Sexual appetite can be affected by different factors that, as a general rule, respond to medical causes or psychosocial factors. States of depression, relationship problems or lack of motivation are just some of the causes that may impact the interest of the person when it comes to intercourse or any other conduct of a sexual nature.


It is ubiquitous to find drugs that treat different diseases and that carry side effects. For example, it should be noted that the side effects of antidepressants include loss of sexual interest or libido and erectile dysfunction, and difficulty reaching orgasm.

Serotonin inhibitors, which are the vast majority of antidepressants prescribed today, have fewer side effects than previous generation antidepressants and other current ones. Still, the decreased libido they generate is undoubtedly a reality.

Although the prevalence of depression is higher in women than in men, men are more likely to suffer from sexual dysfunction, manifesting as erectile dysfunction. This will hardly have a solution if a change of drug or some adjustment in the medication you are treated is not made, a fact that is not always possible.

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Low sex drive - biological or psychological factors

Despite the knowledge regarding the existing side effects, as a general rule, psychological factors are considered to be the cause of low sexual desire rather than biological.

Arousal problems are caused by excessive daily worries, relationship problems, sadness, anguish, anxiety, pain of various kinds, low self-esteem, etc.

These are just some emotional states that can lead to a person showing little or no interest in any sexual behavior.

Therapy as a cure

Cognitive-behavioral therapy attempts to cover all areas that are affected by depression. For this, and in the first place, it is vital to work on all the negative symptoms existing in the person to get their mood up and modify their catastrophic and pessimistic vision of the circumstances.

Concerning sexuality, it is essential to know if the lack of desire occurs due to taking medication or if it already existed previously, since the intervention would be different depending on the case.

Other factors

It is imperative to know that some sexual dysfunctions are an indicator of other health risks. For example, erectile dysfunction in men can also indicate cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.

Other factors like insomnia, fatigue, stress at work, continuous tiredness, irritability, etc., will further enhance that low sex drive.


There are many treatments to cure lost sexual desire. In the case of a patient suffering from depression, there is a need to assess whether the loss of libido is due to the antidepressant medication or not.

Next, it needs to be ascertained whether the medication regime could be modified if medications affect the patient.

On the other hand, if medications change is not viable, psychological therapy can help the patient solve their problem.