Erectile dysfunction (ED) is often caused by physical conditions such as obesity, heart disease, smoking, and low testosterone, but can also be caused by psychological problems such as stress and guilt where therapy is probably the best solution.

In six months of study starting 40% of men who have been doing floor exercises every day regaining their sexual function, and 35.5% further found their ed increased significantly.

The common misconception is that erectile dysfunction only occurs in older men. Meanwhile mostly true, that does not mean that ED is not common among younger men. The choice of lifestyles among younger men has caused a sharp increase in the number of youth suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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If you struggle with erectile dysfunction effects, there are actually quite a lot of exercises that will help fight Ed. Not only can exercise such as Kegel, Pilates, and Aerobics help normalize or even eliminate ED, but they also promote a whole healthy lifestyle that you will definitely see the benefits.

1. Kegel exercise

One of the most common and useful erectile dysfunction exercises is sealed. To combat ED Effects, you need to strengthen the muscles on your pelvic floor. Kegels, when practiced properly, is the perfect way to do that!

In men, Kegels targets and strengthens the bulbocavernosus muscles. This muscle allows the penis to fill with blood during erection, the pump during ejaculation and empty the urethra after urinating. By targeting this muscle, you must be able to see erections that are more durable and satisfying.

2. Pilates exercises.

Practicing ordinary Pilates exercises is also a great way to fight. Here are some Pilates exercises that you must try:

Fall of the knee

The knee fallouts are very easy, and are the perfect add-on for your Kegel exercise. Start lying on the floor with knee knees and legs on the ground.

3. Aerobic exercise.

According to 2018 research on the impact of physical activity in ED, aerobic exercise is proven to be against ED effects if practiced at least four times a week. Exercise must last at least 40 minutes and you must maintain a stable training routine for at least six months to see an increase with ED.

4. Pelvic floor exercises

A study conducted by the United Kingdom University, Bristol found that pelvic floor exercises could be very effective in treating erectile dysfunction. The participants were men who had suffered erectile dysfunction for at least six months.